We collaborate with entrepreneurs, educators, and students to ensure that we have realistic content delivered with the best pedagogical practices and teacher-tested strategies in a project that students love.

Everything we do is based in research, best practices in the field, and vetted in multiple classrooms by teachers. The process we teach is used in the Real World by entrepreneurs who create successful companies around the world.

  • Project Based Learning – Students produce a research paper, presentation, and potentially a real business.
  • Outcome and Objective Based Design – Each Module, Lesson, and Topic is outcome based with a specific objective that students connect to the overall project.
  • Instructional Scaffolding – Students receive support during their learning process tailored to their needs with the intention of helping each student achieve their goals

The program is designed to allow teachers to facilitate Inquiry Based Learning and adapts to the Individual Learning Styles of students. The blend of videos, activities, writing, and speaking allows for Differentiated Instruction. At the same time, students have a Personalized Learning experience where they bring their passions and ideas into their project.

Our program allows for students to act as entrepreneurs and explore how to turn their passions into a meaningful career path. Through hands on learning students develop social and emotional skills and come away more able to understand, relate, and adapt to their peers and adults in a professional way.

  • Activity Based – Our activity based curriculum turns students into entrepreneurs who are challenged to make meaningful decisions for themselves.
  • Formative and Summative Performance Based Assessments – We use both instructor and peer evaluation to identify areas for additional support and growth for each student.
  • Collaborative and Cooperative Learning – Throughout the course of the program, students learn to work together to understand, model and master concepts

Learning Outcomes

We designed the program with students in mind – giving them the support, confidence, and motivation to take charge of their learning. Our teachers tell us they have significantly reduced or eliminated classroom management issues as students are deeply engaged in developing their projects .

  • Design Thinking and Higher Order Thinking Skills  – Students learn and practice these essential skills while learning the importance of Grit in making their ideas a reality.
  • Student Centered Design – Each student learns how to identify their passions and set goals for themselves to pursue them.

Sample Lesson

The Aspire 3 Program is setup to be quick to integrate in your classroom while making sure you’re supported every step of the way.

Initial Setup

Teachers receive access to our materials and an online Professional Development covering how to use the program as well as coaching on teaching strategies to successfully implement the program. Educators then create a project plan for their class and school site; including 2 check-in times with Aspire 3 staff. Teachers then decide if they want students to have direct access to the materials and the course is setup.

Lesson Structure

The program is setup in 3 Modules, each with 4 Lessons. Each lesson has a number of objectives, topics, and activities that students complete sequentially to build their idea. All activities are based on 45 minute class sessions per with no homework assigned to students. The program can be fit to any class setting however and run time varies based on the goal of the educator.

Engaging Videos

Each concept, or vocabulary is introduced with a short video that teachers can use to support Flipped Classrooms and Blended Learning strategies. Students can be given direct access to the videos or teachers may view the videos themselves and present the ideas to students directly.

Student Activities

Students practice and master content and skills in pre-planned activities while working in small teams. Students integrate technology throughout the program to collaborate, research, produce and publish their topics. They learn how to effectively use technology tools to independently source and evaluate information.

Authentic Assessment

Students are assessed formatively and summatively throughout the program. They are guided by peer evaluation and feedback in their teams and classrooms as well as input from teachers and business mentors. Students have multiple opportunities to learn, master, and test their knowledge in ways that encourage learning from mistakes and persisting in the face of adversity.

Materials and Resources

We include all of the tools, worksheets, and resources needed for teachers so they can focus on facilitating students’ learning. Teachers can easily expand or reduce various sections based on your classroom’s needs and we provide supplemental material when needed. We also provide guidance for interventions to increase rigor or reduce difficulty to provide a customized learning experience for your students.

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