Students begin by connecting their passions to the class subject and identify a related real world problem they care about. They work in teams to research their ideas and design solutions in the same way that successful entrepreneurs do today.

As they create a business plan to make their idea a reality they develop and practice entrepreneurial, career, and leadership skills. The program culminates in a pitch competition in the style of the television show “Shark Tank”.


Module 1 – Idea

We identify students’ passions and connect them to a real world problem they want to solve. Students research this problem, its causes, and who the problem affects. They form teams, create a compelling solution, and define success for their venture. Lastly they choose the best business model to grow and sustain their idea.

Module 2 – Plan

Building on Module 1, students analyze what it takes to make their idea a reality and make sales. They explore various costs and resources needed to start and produce their concept. They determine the best pricing and set goals for the startup. Finally, they combine their work into a viable business plan ready for a prospective investor.



Module 3 – Competition

Students prepare to compete by creating a model or proof of concept for their business idea. They synthesize and condense what they have learned into the most relevant and important facts for a 10 slide “Pitch Deck”. They practice good communication skills needed to present their ideas to business and community leaders with confidence and fluency.

Essential Skills

We researched what employers look for in new hires, how they identify who to promote, and traits successful entrepreneurs have. These Essential Success Skills come up again and again as the most important – regardless of region or industry.

We designed our program to give every student the chance to learn and practice these skills to be College and Career ready.

Leadership Skills

We analyzed several of the leading models on leadership and looked at traits of successful entrepreneurs and business leaders. The synthesis led to Four Pillars of Leadership demonstrated by the best leaders which we include in the Aspire 3 program.

Education Standards Alignment Maps


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