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A Well Rounded Education

The Aspire 3 K12 Entrepreneur Program can be integrated into any curriculum, allowing teachers to create classrooms where students connect passion with learning and develop life skills essential to success in college and beyond.

Student Centered and Driven

Students take charge of their learning by setting goals and seeking out information independently. They progress at their own pace and become deeply engaged entrepreneurs solving meaningful, real-world problems using the same methods as successful startups.

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Aspire 3 is a really great program because you can start with a really simple idea and come up with something that’s a lot greater than what you ever expected to do.

Student, 11th Grade, Business Management, SVUSD

I’ve learned a lot about motivation, hard work and teamwork too.

Student, 9th Grade, Thousand Oaks High School

Pre-Planned and Easy to Use


We provide everything from the framework and lesson plans down to the activities and worksheets to make the program very doable. We also collaborate with entrepreneurs and educators to we ensure that we have the best pedagogical practices and teacher-tested strategies combined with realistic content to make the program easy to use without any knowledge of business or entrepreneurship.

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Students are so excited about their topic that as it got difficult they really worked hard to make sure they had what they needed, they told me what they needed to get ready.

Kate C., 7-8 Grades, Marine Biology, PVSD

The program itself helped my students learn to work together, they’ve been working together like I’ve never seen them work together.

Jessica M., 8th Grade, Multimedia Arts, MUSD

It’s pretty amazing. You can do it any classroom, any setting. You can have experience or no experience. This program works great for engaging the students into business.

Ryan T., 9-12 Grades, Business and Entrepreneurship, CVUSD

It is setup nicely, you can put as much effort you want into it and customize it however you want. Aspire 3 supports you to do anything you want with it.

Ryan T., 9-12 Grades, Business and Entrepreneurship, CVUSD

I’ve seen all of my students become more involved in all of their classes and their grades have gone from mediocre to As and Bs.

Jessica M., 8th Grade, Multimedia Arts, MUSD

It was a great student driven curriculum; their engagement level was up and they were so excited about it that they just took it and ran.

Kate C., Middle School, PVSD

Over the past three years, Aspire 3 has been the favorite project for my students. The curriculum is adaptable and easy to teach with great support from the Aspire 3 team.

Alex W., 6-8 Grades, STEM, VUSD

The Aspire 3 program is a great program for any classroom. The students in my Bio-Science academy show genuine passion through out the program and are increasingly engaged with their school work after the program.

Darcy D., 9-12 Grades, Bio-Science, VUSD

It was a great student driven curriculum; their engagement level was up and they were so excited about it that they just took it and ran.

Kate C., 6-8, Science, PVUSD

Personalized Professional Learning and Coaching

We set you up for success by helping you adapt the program to your class subject, structure, and teaching style. Our initial professional development quickly gets teachers going and is supplemented by check-ins to provide personalized coaching, support, and receive feedback. We love having strong relationships with our teachers and they can (and do) call us any time for any reason.

Parent and Community Interaction

Engaged parents and community members are important to every school and we designed the program to showcase to the quality of instruction and student outcomes at your school site. Our program invites in the community as mentors to student teams, judges in final competitions. Their enthusiasm for usually turns into material support for the program and school site.

The most valuable lesson a student can gain from having gone through this curriculum, this experience, or just in life in general is to keep going forward with whatever it is. Sometimes life’s circumstances might knock you back but as long as you’re passionate about whatever it is you’re doing, just keep that passion as you’re following your dream and success will come.

Kate, Community
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